Friday, November 18, 2005

Thicker Than Water

Umm, well, now that I have finally broken down and pointed out my blog to a couple people at work in a pathetic attempt to increase traffic, I should probably pull out all stops (something I often fantasize about but never actually contemplate seriously doing) and record here exactly how I feel about them. (Actually, I don't think I need to worry; they almost certainly will never want to visit this page anyways). But in the off chance they do, I want them to know that I am honored to count among them some of my dearest friends and confidantes, and they are the closest I have ever had to a family.

Alright. End of occasional obligatory baring of the soul. I guess I can go back to being my regular obnoxious self again now.


Anonymous said...

There is not enough room on the internet to hold how much I HEART YOU, Partha!


Anonymous said...

PARTHA! I heart you many times over! Your post is SOOOOOO sweet! I can't believe I just now got to read it. I miss you while you're in L.A. right now! - Krista