Saturday, December 10, 2005

To A Sleeping Lover

I think you hate me a little less when you are asleep. You are more relaxed, the lines of slumber combine with the half smile on your face, and I have to control my desire so much that I lose track of my own tiredness. I know you are back in some other time and some other place. I try to imagine your past like it is last night's forgotten dream. I long to walk in your memories and protect you from all the heartbreaks and pain, collecting every shard of sorrow before it reaches you. They say no two snowflakes are alike; you too were a different person with each of your lovers. I look at you and see a multitude, love collects in my breast like milk. I rock to the rhythm of your breath. One life is never enough.

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Anonymous said...

Love, so fundamental and primeval. Is it a product of evolution to guarantee our survival? Animals mourn the loss of their beloved ones too like we do. Or did we will evolution down this path because we all want to love and be loved?

A new friend, Vince