Monday, September 21, 2009

With the Help of International Filmmakers

What first caught my eye was the name: an item song called Akira Kurosawa in what looked like an eminently forgettable typical masala Bollywood B-movie? And, just as I had suspected, I was hooked right from the first guttural shriek of 'Tarantino!' For the next couple days I couldn't stop myself from playing the song over and over again while uncontrollably & hysterically giggling the whole time. I have probably regained my composure somewhat since that initial shock, but the song is still constantly playing in a loop within my subconscious. This is a keeper.

Not that a mere listing of the lyrics can do it any justice, since the catchy foot tapping tune and all the voice effects have to be heard to be properly savored; however, here they are, for mainly academic interest (and also because I am a little obsessive compulsive). It is curious that Bertolucci is the only director to be mentioned separately in two different places, and there are as many as four Japanese directors who merit inclusion in the pantheon. Also, in a bit of breaking news, Danny Boyle apparently missed out on being in the song due to bad timing: since the song was composed before Slumdog Millionaire made him such a household name in India, Ranjit (director/lyricist) and Siddharth Suhas (composers) opted for Woody Allen instead, who was thought to be much better known. Also, for all of you wondering whether this song is supposed to make any sense at all, here is what has been provided by the way of an explanation: It's a tribal song and thus the lyrics were supposed to be gibberish. However, Ranjit's idea was to make the song with the help of international filmmakers rather than gibberish.

Tarantino Wilder Capra
Ozu Bertolucci Peckinpah
Fellini Visconti Oshima
Coppola Coppola

Wyler Hitchcock Wajda
Mizoguchi de Palma
Wyler Hitchcock Wajda
Brian de Palma

Akira Kurosawa Vittorio de Sica (repeats 4 times)

Bertolucci Bertolucci Lumet Aha Lumet
Bertolucci Bertolucci Oh...
Sergio Leone Sergio Leone Truffaut Aha Truffaut
Sergio Leone Sergio Leone Oh...

Woody Allen Woody Allen B. DeMille C B. DeMille
Woody Allen Woody Allen Oh...
Milos Forman Milos Forman Godard Aha Godard
Milos Forman Milos Forman Oh...

Film: Chintu Ji (2009)
Director: Ranjit Kapoor
Singer: Anushka Manchandani
Lyrics: Ranjit Kapoor
Composer: Siddharth Suhas

Why is Danny Boyle's name missing?
Listen to full song: YouTube, bollyfm, radioreloaded


Andrew J. Leggett said...

That sounds really... latin. 0.0

Musings said...

With world movies being in vogue, maybe this will serve as an aid for people like me who would want to drop names when in company of others like me who discuss world cinema like our beauties do world peace. :-D

Roger S said...

Would have meant a lot to me if they'd mentioned Anthony Mann, Budd Boetticher, Michael Curtiz, Claude Chabrol, and, yes, Orson Welles... I'll just have to film my own version!

Hope Sidney Lumet knows about this! It's appalling that his wonderful movie of Arthur Miller's A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE is so unavailable, except on almost unwatchably flawed pirated videos and DVDs, especially now that the play is properly appreciated.